Sultry Black / by Fennella Miller

I went for this sultry black look for a more grown feel. I am in a constant war between dressing youthful and dressing "grown". The dress was purchased at Macy's. If you know me you know that I never shop at Macy's yet come to find out they have very nice brands! The dress I am wearing is by a brand called Material Girl. I ended up liking a lot of this brand's apparel but after trying on numerous outfits I chose this one. I wore this outfit to Echelon Twelve AUC's 2nd Annual Fashion & Arts Show. I rocked them with lots of rings and my signature gold minx nails which you can learn how to achieve in this video. I definitely felt like an alumna in this number.

Dress | Material Girl

Necklace | Forever 21

Shoes | Barefeet Shoes

photos by Zoe Holloway