Fringe Belt

Fringe Belt

I know some of y'all are probably shook by this look and the previous one. I am known for usually dressing very colorfully so I can see how this all black look could be a shocker. I guess these outfits are showing that you never know what to expect from me other than greatness. I hope you all push towards your dreams and don't conform to the boxes that society tries to put us in.

I am extremely happy that I got over my perfectionism and finally released this website! You will be seeing my face everywhere in 2017. Y'all thought people were pushing their brands in 2016? Wait until 2017! 2017 is the year of promoting your brand. You heard the prophecy, now be apart of those who fulfill it...

Top | Westend Mall

Skirt | Forever 21

Belt | Sassy's

Shoes | Barefeet Shoes

photos by Zoe Holloway