The Ultimate Guide To New York Fashion Week

The Ultimate Guide To New York Fashion Week


What’s Included:

  • Detailed video tutorial training

  • Ebook that you can follow along with during fashion week

  • Over 70 pr & designer emails to get into shows

  • Email template to get invites to show

  • Email template to pull clothes from designer & brands

    What You Will Learn

  • How to go on a budget

  • Travel, where to stay, getting around NYC etc.

  • What to wear

  • How to get press features

  • Things to do while In NYC

  • Affordable yet instagrammable places to eat

  • How to meet up with bloggers and influencers you admire

  • How to pull clothes from designers


A link with the guide and all it’s parts will be sent to the email you give with your order.

For all questions and inquiries email pr@fennellalikewhoa.com

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For anyone dying to leave an indelible mark in the fashion industry, attending fashion week is a must.

Have you ever wanted to go to fashion week but didn’t know how? Or have you been before but didn’t get into as many shows as you’d like? I know exactly how you feel and I made this guide just for you.

I have been to New York Fashion Week on a budget and ended up getting featured in VOGUE and numerous other publications. I’ve been invited into the home and out to dinner with influential bloggers, gotten invited into so many shows that I was able to give tickets away and recently just attended my first ever Paris Fashion Week! All because I did the work and mastered how to go to fashion week.

“The Ultimate Guide to New York Fashion Week” is an extensive guide on how to go to New York Fashion Week and maximize your experience. This guide is composed of a detailed video tutorial, ebook, email templates, 100 email contacts to get into shows for New York Fashion Week and so much more!

Pre-order yours now at a discounted rate.