5 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Fashion Week

5 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Fashion Week
For anyone dying to leave an indelible mark in the fashion industry, attending fashion week is a must.
— Fennella Like Whoa

Every year those in the fashion world commune for a series of glamorized yet minimalistic events entitled “fashion week”.

We change into multiple outfit looks everyday, run back and forth from show to show every hour, while flexing on the gram every minute, all in the name of fashion.

For anyone dying to leave an indelible mark in the fashion industry, attending fashion week is a must.

Here are five reasons why you need to be at fashion week.

1. It will give you more exposure

Exposure is necessary for anyone trying to build a brand, blog or business. As creatives we all need exposure and fashion week will give you just that. Due to the significantly high number of attendees at fashion week you are bound to be seen by so many different people.

Major news publications from Vogue to Elle are all there looking for street style looks to showcase in their publications and people to interview. If you’re lucky you just might catch their attention and land a feature. I have even been spotted by Vogue UK and Fashion Week’s Official Instagram just by walking from one show to another.

The combination of meeting new people, press features and putting yourself out there will all lead to more exposure. If you feel like your brand is stagnant this is a great way to get things moving and shaking. Don’t be surprised if you see a nice inclination in your Instagram followers too.

If you have a brand that can be worn such as a clothing brand or hair brand this is a great time to wear it. This is a great way to give it exposure and put a stamp of credit on it.

Imagine wearing your clothing brand and hair brand from head to toe and being street style spotted by Elle and they credit your clothing brand on the photo? Now that’s major and the type of exposure that you don’t want to miss!

2. It will give you more opportunities

With exposure comes more opportunities. Use these opportunities as a way to build your network, resume and overall street credit in the fashion industry.

Going to fashion week gives you the opportunity to meet people. See everyone you met as someone with an opportunity in their hand. No matter how big or small they seem.

Stop trying to meet the designer and try meeting the publicist or stylist, those people are the ones who really have power in their hands. You never know who your sitting next to or talking to so be nice to everyone.

I remember not being able to get into a show and then I met a writer right after that who was able to give me access to shows the next day just because I had a nice conversation with him. That writer and I are still friends to this day actually we are more like fashion siblings. With that said let’s segway to the next point.

3. You’ll make industry friends

Having friends in your industry is very important no matter what field you’re in. They are able to give you advice and keep you in the loop of what’s going on in your industry.

After college it can be very hard to make friends, especially in creative fields. Many of us do daily jobs that are not necessarily in the field of our craft in order to fund it.

By attending fashion week you’ll meet a concentration of people that are just as crazy about fashion as you are. So when you start talking about how Virgil Abloh changed your life they won’t look at you crazy like “who is that?”

Also, don’t be afraid to meet up with others you already follow on social media while you are at fashion week. It is great to make connections online but those connections can become even stronger once you meet someone in person.

I love meeting up with other like-minded creatives for lunch or even a quick photoshoot. Relationships like this will make it easier for you to navigate at your next fashion week as well as in your industry.

You guys will be able to pick each others brains and teach each other new things. These various connections and friends that you make can go a long way and become life-long.



4. You’ll see the value of what you do (fashion)

Oftentimes as Creatives even though we love what we do it can be hard for us to see the value in it. Maybe it’s because at first were not getting paid from it? Or we’re not getting the recognition we want yet.

One must realize that money and acknowledgement are not the only things that deem someone or something as valuable, usefulness is.

What is one thing that everyone must do everything single day no matter where in the world they live or how poor or rich they are? The have to get dressed .

The fact that fashion is a daily religious routine of global citizens all over the world is proof of it’s value. It is made even more valuable by those of us who take the simple art of getting dressed to new heights by adding innovation to it.

We have turned this daily routine into design, blogging, lookbooks and more all in the name of fashion.

May the church say amen.

5. It will help you take fashion more seriously and you’ll be inspired to work harder

When I saw the grind of the top fashion bloggers at fashion week I knew that I had to reevaluate the way I ran my brand and myself. I realized that I had to treat my brand and blog like a full-time business if I wanted to build into an empire.

Oftentimes we admire people through beautifully curated Instagram images but we never see the daily grind or behind the scenes of what they are doing. These people are getting the results in public because they are putting in the work behind the scenes!

I realized that they were not just doing the bare minimum, some of these girls were changing twice a day while posting numerous times a day on social media, recording and editing video content, posting on their blog all while making time for their morning jog.

Everything is important to them from their clothes being ironed, to eating well, following a schedule and even taking care of their skin. All of these things may seem like extra unnecessary work but it is that extra “unnecessary” work that keeps them at the top of the game.

Going to fashion week and seeing how hard people in the industry work and how seriously they take their craft will inspire you to do the same. Every time I go to fashion I always plan out ways to go to take my brand to the next level and put that plan into action.

Not only will doing this get you more invites for the next fashion week but it will establish you as a leader in your field overall.



Will You Be In Attendance?

Hopefully this blog was convincing enough to convert you into believing that going to fashion week is a must.

If going to fashion week is something you’ve been dreaming to do well now is the time to make it a reality.

You need to be there and there is room for you there. Make sure to share this post with others who need to be there as well.

-Like Whoa

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