Untitled by Fennella Miller

I really wish I had someone to love me

Now me loving me would be lovely

but it's hard for me to love me

Cuz Im the only one who can see myself when I'm ugly...

This has got to be the most insecure feeling ever

Unbound the bondage by Fennella Miller

Sometimes we seem to get entangled with things and we just can not seem to get out. We are at first fascinated with these things but then we later on realize that these beautiful pleasures are actually lethal venomous poisons leading to death. So how does one unbound the bondage within, how does one untangle the ropes of sin...

Spontaneous Words by Fennella Miller

Flashy by Fennella Like Whoa

But I have a big house , big cars and big sin
Everything I do is flashy
Gold watch and gold rings
Everything I do is flashy
I blind the world as they walk past me
Everything I do is flashy
Flashy clothes, flashy shoes, flashy sin
Everything I do is flashy
I’ve blinded myself from seeing God
Everything I do is flashy
Everything I am is sin

The devil at work by Fennella Like Whoa

I wrote this like 3 1/2 years ago peep the comments for proof

confronted by our fears
eyes opened but not ears
slaves dirty bathing in their own tears
reality hits you in the face but your car still isn't in gear

people of science at war with religion
gay or straight , are you born that way or is it your decision?

You see...
We are now at the root of it all where perm and weave collide
Tryinng to see the player within beyond his hazel eyes

Running away from your master?
Yes you're homeward bound
slave hides master seeks, harriets always found

car crashes fueled by beer
you were on a straight path how did you become queer?

Now you're...
Reading with the dyslexic
Eating with the anorexic
Committing abuse with the neglected
Feeling a sense of belonging with the rejected
Or are all these things just the inverse of a victims perspective

committing crimes where there is really no law
perfected in the physical yet my people we are mentally flawed

porn raping celibate minds
all but dignity has been dignified

scientists trying to make solutions
medicine is only aiding to the drug confusion

smoking crack your mind reacts
now your having hallucinations watching your inner demons attack

drowning in your tears because your heart was flooded by agony
An excuse for your lustful ways is polygamy
An excuse for your rapes misogyny

without even thinking your making "conscious" decisions
adding up baby mommas like mathematicians

running the city by night with the mafia
slow down red lights and red blood can't even stop ya

Moms abusing babies because they were abused by their baby's dad
Genetic curses transported through ambilical chords from mother to child, how sad

This is how the laws of society work
This is why good ,better, best are only getting worse
This is the devil at work

Chopped and screwed by Fennella Like Whoa

Chopped and screwed
Chopped and screwed
Vaginas scream as they are being
Chopped and screwed
You cannot even imagine what the inside walls of my labia majora have been through
They will take you to a bush and they will chop you
Go back home and your husband will screw you
Sister, how do you?
Un-confine to societal lines
That define the prime woman of the times
Wounds and puss filled cysts of pain still remain
And age to age this misogynistic society is till the same
Yet you, yes you & and I are not the same
See you opened up your legs to feel pleasure
And I opened mine to feel pain
And this continues to happen rhythmically in some bush in Africa over and over again
Chop, and screw
Viewers discretion is advised
The mutilation of my poonany will not be televised
Our coochies and our minds are being circumcised
And the whole world is watching us on cnn
Just killing each other
Open up this instead of opening your thighs
You se even though your eyes are opened it doesn’t mean you’ve opened your eyes
Open your eyes

Chopped and screwed
How could you watch and sit
and let blood drip
through the vaginal lips
of little kids
Chopped and screwed
We are being genitally mutilated
by our dearly belated
Chopped and screwed
Chopped and screwed
Vaginas being chopped and screwed more than any song on the radio
Hearing the cries and echoes as they scream no
Screw screw you who chop and screw
Little children clean and pure with huge wet eyes gleaming
All around the vaginas are screaming
But the question is who is listening
Chop and screw
Chop and screw